Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Ever said it be easy......

Seems like I get pushed back every time starting to think can I really do this. My answer is YES I CAN!! I've been going to the gym and honestly it's a love/hate relationship. I want to love the gym but I find myself intimidated. It's a scary place if you never been in a gym before. I haven't really been seeing any progress because I haven't been as motivated hence the lack of post. When I done the workout DVDs it was at my own pace in my own privacy. I felt comfortable sweating looking crazy because no one was there but me. I honestly think I went to the gym before I was ready. Don't get me wrong when I'm in the gym I do workout in all honesty it could be a lot more intense!! Which is why I'm putting it out there because I hate to be seen as a failure or not go through with a plan. I'm going to work twice as hard as before also get my eating back under control. I'm going to start a workout log and workout every single day which I haven't been doing. I almost gave up on myself but if I give up who will care for me. I need to work on a lot and who ever said it be easy..well they didn't really try!! If its not challenging you it's not changing you!! XoXo, tMarie

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