Monday, October 22, 2012

A Sweet Classic Fall Treat!!

Fall is by far my favorite season I love everything about fall. Last weekend was super chill for me I didn't go out or do anything spectacular. Just stayed home snuggled under my blanket and watched tv plus studied most of the time. That all quickly changed when I decided to go to the grocery store for apples. I wanted something sweet with apples so I decided to make a homemade apple pie....well almost homemade!! Let me just say it only lasted for a couple hours!!

What you'll need:

A bag of apples (your choice) I used red delicious apples there my favorite!!

Pillsbury pie crust





One egg


Getting Started:

1. You want to preheat your oven to 375.

2. Rinse, peel and cut your apples up. I used the whole bag which was enough for two pies but I only made one. I also squeezed a little lemon onto my apples to keep them from turning brown so quickly!!!

3. Place apples into a bowl and add one cup of sugar and mix until apples look wet.

4. Add your nutmeg and cinnamon, I eye balled it..being it was my first time...not too much though just a bit.

5. Now mix it all together!!!

6. The cheat part because I was not making dough from scratch...taking our already bought dough, sprinkle some floor onto the counter or cutting board so you can roll out the dough.

7. Then place the dough into a baking pan of your choice or an actual pie pan...add your apples and add about four pieces of butter throughout the pie.

8. Now place the other piece of dough onto top cut some slits can be creative or just slits anywhere!!

9. Before putting your pie into the oven beat one egg and add the egg wash all over the pie!!! Place in the oven for an hour or so....and bam a sweet classic fall treat!!

XoXo, t.Marie

Ps. I had left over apples so I just put them in a pot with a tiny bit of water for ten minutes and let them simmer..the next day they were great with biscuits for breakfast!!! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skulls and Things!!

So it's that time of the year and your trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. You have something in mind but you don't want to spend all your money for one day, with a costume you most likely will never wear again!! To save a little money coming up with creative makeup ideas like being a skeleton is a really popular. There are so many different and unique varies you can come up with. All you'll need is a little makeup kit or if your a makeup hoarder like me you should already have the perfect utensils. This was my first time ever doing a makeup look like this so I didn't take any pictures of the beginning process. It's ok I'll walk you through it.

Right eye: I painted black with a black cream shadow and set it with a matte black powder eyeshadow
Left eye: I used a red eyeshadow all over my lid up to my crease....then used a white eyeshadow on my brow bone

Face: I painted majority of my face white using NYX jumbo pencil in milk. Then I used NYX jumbo pencil in black beam for the rest of my face. After I set it all with eyeshadows of the same colors. I then added little details to make it look like I had stitches.

Lips: I covered my lips white with the same jumbo pencil as before then I used the black jumbo pencil to fill in the inside of my lips, also using the same pencil to create teeth!!

Wounds: Some people use liquid latex which is fine but I didn't have any so I use eyelash glue. I outlined where I wanted my scars to be then I applied the eyelash glue and filled is in with bits of tissue paper. I then took a cheap red lipstick and dabbed it onto the tissue paper until it was covered enough. After I added some clear lipgloss to make my wounds look fresh.

I also took a dark grey eyeshadow and outlined around my temples, jaw line and contoured my cheeks. There you have it I hope you try this look or even come up with your own. XoXo, t.Marie

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Ever said it be easy......

Seems like I get pushed back every time starting to think can I really do this. My answer is YES I CAN!! I've been going to the gym and honestly it's a love/hate relationship. I want to love the gym but I find myself intimidated. It's a scary place if you never been in a gym before. I haven't really been seeing any progress because I haven't been as motivated hence the lack of post. When I done the workout DVDs it was at my own pace in my own privacy. I felt comfortable sweating looking crazy because no one was there but me. I honestly think I went to the gym before I was ready. Don't get me wrong when I'm in the gym I do workout in all honesty it could be a lot more intense!! Which is why I'm putting it out there because I hate to be seen as a failure or not go through with a plan. I'm going to work twice as hard as before also get my eating back under control. I'm going to start a workout log and workout every single day which I haven't been doing. I almost gave up on myself but if I give up who will care for me. I need to work on a lot and who ever said it be easy..well they didn't really try!! If its not challenging you it's not changing you!! XoXo, tMarie

Favorite Quote

"When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better,but then it's not, and I need to do it again" Confessions Of a Shopaholic