Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who am I.....Get to know me better

I think this post is due since who ever comes to this blog may want to know who the hell am I. Well for one I'm a college student in the medical field. I recently changed my major from pharmacy to physical therapy. I'm 23 years old I live in Michigan with all it's awesomeness. I love meeting new people I'm a people person but I'll make sure I feel you out first. Meaning I don't just randomly run up to people declaring them to be my friend. I'm a very creative person I love to sing, dance, act basically anything that gets my creativity flowing. I'm also a makeup junkie recently I threw away basically everything and kept the necessities. It was painful but truth is I didn't need all of it. I do miss buying makeup but the whole eating healthy has put a stop to that. Did you know eating healthy is expensive as shit like seriously. I love reality tv the kardashians are my favs but I also dislike them, ok it's a love/hate relationship. I live for snooki and her hot mess personality although she's cooking a bun in the oven and with that comes growth, I love her a little more. Rihanna gives me everything I respect her so much more after her Oprah interview omg Oprah has a way with people and man I see why she's Oprah. My favorite food is of course my moms home cooked goodness but I love Mexican food. I really think I was Mexican in another life I blame my best friend. I feel like all my life I played by the rules. I went to school everyday got awesome grades made it to college and still was well behaved. Met the high school sweetheart didn't work out but for most of my high school life and some college he was my everything. Even met someone who could maybe still be my future husband. All to say I'm still young and I feel like I haven't really lived. I'm the good girl like really the good girl. There's nothing wrong with that at all good girls are fun too. I mean I have done some things that's between me and whoever. Just for the most part I play by the rules. Lately I feel like playing by the rules has gotten me at the door but breaking some rules will get me in. Have any of you ever felt that way. My focus is school though can't wait to walk across the stage. In the meantime I vowed to myself to live a little get to know me better by the end of next year I want to come back and post a blog knowing fully who I am as a person. I truthfully only know who I am as a student, daughter and friend. Who am I as me?? Call this a growing up process maybe. Do you know who you truly are?? Tell me in the comments below!! XoXo, tMarie

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