Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a Process Day One Reset

Today was better than yesterday because I worked out and started my fasting. I was going to shoot for a week but I'm thinking five days because I have food that needs to be cooked asap. Maybe I'll eat one meal then the rest water and my fasting tea. So far I've just had a cup of tea an water. I completely feel different I'm really energized which helped a lot with my workout. The tea isn't all that great especially without sugar but I just added one spoonful. It's more drinkable for sure. I'm determined to lose the 20lbs I regained. It will be a lot easier once school starts because I won't really be tempted by all the food around me, I tend to go into full focus mode. Also having little time to actually eat helps a lot because I'll have prepared my healthy meals ahead of time. I'm nervous about listing my weight right now but I also feel its a must. I'll sleep on that well I'm drinking my second cup of tea and going to workout after. If anything this tea gives me tons of energy. You should also know to be prepared to go to the bathroom because it works almost immediately. I've seriously spent half my day in the bathroom. What I would do for a "KimKardashianBody". I know I can't have her body but damn it I'm going to get close to it!! Before today I didn't workout for two weeks which I'm glad it wasn't any longer. It wasn't too bad getting back into it. I still feel I need a more Intense workout. I think I might give insanity a try key word MIGHT!! My journey continues!! Any questions leave in the comments below. XoXo, t.Marie

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