Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No change but neither up or down!!

So I'm proud of myself I kicked ass last week, I surprised myself. My weight has not changed but it hasn't gone back up either which is good for me. I ate breakfast everyday last week with some form of protein before I worked out. I didn't eat super clean but I ate the best I could. Saturday I thought was going to be so hard surrounded by BBQ and junk food at my cousins open house. To my surprise I did really good. I had some strawberries and water on my way there. Also the only thing that I ate was the fruit salad and a spoonful of pasta salad with tons of veggies. Sunday wasn't as great as it could have been I didn't work out. Monday was an amazing start to the week and it continued today. I'm realizing it takes time and one pound at at time is all that matters as long as the fat is shedding!! How was your week or weekend??

XoXo, t.Marie

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