Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well I think I'm brave enough *sigh* time to reveal my weight and my goal weight. I think it's only right I want to be honest with whoever reads this blog and whoever is going through the same struggle as me. I realized I'm not alone thanks to some amazing people I follow on instagram!!! So here goes nothing...I hope you know how hard this is for me!!

My weight when I first started was 183lbs but then I lost 23lbs but I gained 26lbs back!! Which made me 186lbs. When I say this is my heaviest I've been ever it hurts me to my core but it's the truth and a lot of people don't believe me I'm 5'2 by the way.

I currently weigh 180lbs 6lbs down!!
My goal weight 120lbs

I know this will take time and patience be gentle world this is beyond hard for me!! XoXo, t.Marie

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