Monday, August 27, 2012

Take that FAT ASS!!

Losing weight is hard!! There is nothing easy about losing weight. I say this to myself everyday, losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I've realized it's only because I've made it a struggle. Don't get me wrong it's no easy task a lot of sweat and tears (literally speaking). Shedding the pounds with patience and consistency it's capable because it seriously takes patience and consistency. No I'm not a health guru I'm just someone who wants to be in the best shape possible. So my week in review went better than last week that's always a plus. I set a goal for myself at the end of the week....guess what??? I accomplished it and let me tell you there's no better feeling. I'm so proud of myself there were times in the last week were I found myself saying I'll workout later, knowing if I didn't do it then it wouldn't get done. Hey I got off my ass and did it and it paid off. I like to measure my waistline, thighs and arms opposed to the scale. See the truth of measuring instead of jumping on the scale is, it tells me no lies I know there's nothing wrong or broke with a measuring tape. The scale on the other hand is like that two faced bitch in high school who smiles in your face but behind your back is making moves on your boyfriend. Yes that my interpretation you can see there's tons of animosity there. So I want whoever reads this in blog land to take away something from this post!! It's hard there will be times when you try to put it off but that little voice in your head tells your better......LISTEN!! It will pay off in the end and then you can say TAKE THAT FAT ASS!!

XoXo, tMarie

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