Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend...Afternoon sip....faux LV and Takers!!

So my Labor day weekend was not to festive, meaning I did'nt go to a BBQ and all that jazz but I did have a goodtime. The weekend I went out with my sister we went to see the movie Takers then headed to the casino afterwards. So while waiting for time to past so we wouldnt be super early for the movie we went to my sister's house and had a glass of wine..of course my sister also took a shot of tequilla. We talked and looked online for our DRAKE tickets, when I saw her purse and feel in love with it...no it  isnt real but its cute and has plently of room. I tried blogging from my phone but that didnt work so I did my makeup and we headed out to see  Takers. The movie was really good but in my opinion T.I could have be a little more convincing overall great.....who wouldn't love all those sexy men in one movie!!

with LOVE,

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