Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whoa there!!!!

Hey guys, I know it's been almost three weeks maybe actually just that. I've been a little busy but I've gotten back on track. I know this weight loss journey won't be smooth sailing so I don't really beat myself up if I slip....I just get back at it. I've actually been pretty good thanks to one of my exercise science classes that requires me to go to the gym at least one day out of the week. So no matter what I'm in the gym every Thursday but I've been going twice a week. I don't know how much I weigh exactly but I have went down. I seriously cried when I measured myself and it was at my goal for that week. Then there's eating I've been really bad :( I know shame on me. With me living on campus this semester last minute at that, it was easier for me to buy little things that were quick. Let me tell you my body has been reacting to the unhealthy foods. I've been sick and nothing would really stay down. I knew it was because of my eating but I'm back to eating healthy. I feel so much better. Sorry it took so long to write but I was just busy figuring out life. My goals for this week is gym everyday!! Eat breakfast....Drink more water...sweat more!!! XoXo, tMarie

P.S As long as there's doing no one is perfect...

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