Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well I feel more at home the title of the blog explains a lot. Even though I've been motivated for about a week now. Which is way longer than any other time I've tried to lose weight. I have been struggling to eat right more importantly not to eat late a night. I went to Chicago and I thought man I'm not going to workout but my eating will be ok. To my surprise I got my ass in the gym for the first time seriously in over a year. I didn't do as great as I would like to because I thought I would automatically be like I was before. Wrong, shit was hard and I was hurting finding myself not trying as hard. On top on the gym because the drivers in Chicago sucked ass we walked a lot of places and I was pretty good at the walking. Normally I would have been like fuck that it's too hot for this straight laziness. Needless to say walking was a breeze and we walked a good four miles....two back and forth. Coming home I didn't really want to workout but I did it anyway because I kept thinking....I'M TIRED OF BEING FAT!! That kicked my butt into gear but the level one workout didn't do anything for me like it normally does. With a sore body from my gym experience I wanted to feel that burn again. Since I don't have gym membership at home, I went for a power walk and tried to sweat as mush as possible then do the workout. I didn't go to level two because although I have the DVD player is broke so I've been using YouTube. I have yet to find level 2 on YouTube. But no excuses I'm currently looking for workouts to do at home that burn just as much sweat/fat. It honestly feels like everything is trying to get in my way from me working out but I won't give up. At the beginning on day one I took the famous weight lost pictures and measurements. The beginning of day 2 I done the same thing and guess what I lost an inch!! I was proud of myself but that gave me more motivation to continue. Throughout this journey I want to encourage others...share my Etc. July 17th 2013 I promise myself I will be at the weight I want to be!! That will be a year!! XoXo, tMarie

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