Wednesday, July 25, 2012



My name is Tracy and I’m tired of being fat!! I’ve always struggled with my weight. Never have I been “skinny” I have curves!! Don’t get me wrong I love my curves and my womanly figure. But I’m also out of shape and overweight!! When looking at me you might not see an overweight person but I am!! The picture above is me after I lost 20lbs on my way to my dream weight goal. Well that 20lbs is back and with a friend!! I want to lose weight not to be skinny but to be healthy. At first it was to be skinny because that’s what society says is great. I never really cared about my weight because I’ve always gained weight then it would come right off so I wasn’t to concerned and obsessing until about five years ago when I went away to college. Honestly it changed my life. With free access to a gym and some motivated roommates around me. I began to workout not frequently but enough to where there was change. I also became a vegetarian for like two months. That started with a book I bought out of the bookstore called skinny bitch after reading the first few pages. I was disgusted at what was being done to the animals. So I went through my no meat phase mixed in with a little working out, walking to and from classes. I lost a lot of weight but I didn’t see it. It wasn’t until the semester was over and I came back home that I realized wow I did lose weight. Everyone around me back home automatically saw the difference being that they didn’t see me on a regular basis. For the first few weeks I was doing good being a vegetarian at home. Well let’s just say that was shut down in a blink of an eye. I come from a family who loves to eat and I live in a pretty cultured area. Theres all types of different foods to chow down on. Not only that but my mom always throws parties with tons of food. The first time I took a bite of meat again…it was steak. My body’s immediately rejected it and I threw up. I didn’t even think that it was because I have ate any meat in two months or so. So I gradually broke out of my new health habits after my body allowed bad foods back into it. From there I just continued to eat whatever!! I notice I became more angry quicker…I was sleeping a lot all around I had no energy. When just months before I was bursting with energy. It didn’t yet phase me to where I wanted to change. Not until today!! I was on Netflix about six or seven months ago when I came across a documentary on juicing called fat sick and nearly dead. I watched it and automatically became inspired to start juicing. But I didn’t have a juicer or the money to buy one. So that plan was on hold for a while. Until my mom bought me a juicer. My friend gabby and me were so excited after I got her to watch the documentary, we went to the store and bought all the things we needed. That night we juiced and it was horrible the just smelled/tasted like a backyard. We tried to juice the next day and go on this juice fast well that failed. I put my juicer back into the box and sat it in the corner. It wasn’t until months later when I tried it because I was determined not to just let a $100 dollars go to waste. I made the juice and to my surprise it was really good. So I kept up with it also changed my eating habits and I began to feel great. That feeling I once had came back. I was so energetic just all around in good spirits!! So I’ve kept up with juicing and I’m obsessed I freaking think its the best thing a person can do in order to start living a healthier lifestyle. I juice thing that I would never eat raw and I love it in juice form. Before juicing I was at my heaviest I’ve ever been. I felt what it was doing to my body so I started juicing in hopes to lose weight and become healthier. Now months later back at that heavy weight mark with a little more pounds to add. I feel horrible my body is suffering and there’s things wrong with me that I know it’s because of my weight. I’ve been sick and lazy everything bad you can think of. I still juice but not regularly like I should. I’m tired of being on pinterest looking at the beautiful fit people or seeing them on tv and wishing I had their body. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I want to wear a crop top without having a tank top under it. I want to say I have that body instead is wishing. I’m done making excuses and I’m sticking to my goal. My plan is to give myself a year to reach my goal and take my time. I realized things don’t happen overnight but with hard work and dedication they do happen. I’m going to drink more water…eat more clean foods. I’m cutting all fast foods out the picture. No more will I be fat..No more will I feel out of breathe from walking a short distance…no more will my thighs rub together….no more will I feel down about the way my body looks!! It’s time for change starting today I’m going to take you on this journey with me the good and the bad…. I’m going to be open and vulnerable…100% me 100% real!! Come along for the ride!! tMarie

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