Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Sorry so late guys but Happy New Year... So I am going to be super busy this year yet it will all pay off so complaining I can't really do too much of. How was everyone's new year 2010 omg can you believe it..what's you guys new years resolution...I don'thave one thing in particular just study hard..and work hard. I didnt post my NYE look because I didnt really get any good shots being that someone dropped my camera and it broke..extra depressed about it =(. So a lot of my post will be written out I will try my best to get good shots of what I wear..until I get a new on. Thinking about starting my youtube channel but not until March I need to get use to this new schedule school. I will try to post on my blog at least once a week. Tell me what you guys did for new years..I spent time with my family and friends so much fun it was a good new year. Happy New Years guys :) be productive!!


What Im wearing:

Black dress ruffled at bottom: Forever21
Black Tights: Marshalls
Black boots: Burlington Coat Factory
Jewelry: Necklace: Guess, Bracelets: Charolette Russe

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