Monday, December 31, 2012

Mental breakdown and Minor setbacks....Goodbye 2012!!

So 2012 was an ok year for me but the last couple of months of the year man, I have been through a lot to say the least. Even though it wasn't what I expected from the year there has been some great times. First I went to Chicago this summer with friends it was a good trip. I'm definitely going back maybe next summer. I also started to be more healthy and exercise more. Even though lately with all the holiday foods I probably gained a couple of pounds......ok who am I kidding I'm a whale!! It was also a real test on my relationship, well not really because we aren't together but working on us. The things that I've learned is that I need to look out for myself before I try to take care of anyone else. Everyone looks out for themselves and that's ok I just need to look out for me. Positivity also has been a hugeeeeee thing I've been working on with myself. I've been trying to be a more positive person by counting my blessing and being thankful for everything. Recently I've been getting back into my faith and praying more. About a week or two ago I had a mental breakdown. I felt like I wouldn't amount to nothing that I was dumb. I was so upset with myself and I felt like a disappointment to my family. School has been so stressful and I didn't really do good this semester because of personal things. I wasn't focused my mind was on other things like my relationship, my family whether or not my mom and me were going to have a home. Worrying about money and if I was going to finally get a decent job plus my health. I go through a lot but no one will ever know because I never show it, I just held it in and finally it all just came out. I still don't know if I'll be able to start this next semester at school but with Gods grace anything is possible. I'm still smiling and blessed to have everything that I have. I was a premature baby that had open heart surgery and was told I wasn't going to make it. That if I did there was a good chance of complications. Well I'm healthy, smart, strong and I know that my life was meant to be amazing or I wouldn't be here. So here's a few pictures of the year and I'm definitely looking forward to 2013 and all the good things to come!! XoXo, t.Marie22

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