Friday, December 10, 2010

Coastal Scent "Fall Festive Palette"

Okay so it would be crazy to say that I'm not excited about this palette as soon as I saw it I had to order.
I'm pretty sure all of you guys know about the 88 palette's from coastal scents so when I saw this I kind of knew what to expect. The colors were so pretty I couldn't wait to try it out and post looks for you guys. I'm going to be doing a holiday series using the colors from this palette....I can't wait!!
I ordered this palette Monday, Decemeber 6th and it's here Thursday, December 9th...quick right I was surprised because normally when I order from Coastal Scents I usually wait two weeks..NOT COMPLAINING though. The palette comes with twelve colors all individually packaged and you can insert inside the palette as you wish. All the colors are very pigmented....I tried my best to give good swatches. 
So tell what you guys think about this palette..Do you have it?? How do you like it??

This palette can be order from 
This was purchased by little old me :)

XoXo, t.Marie

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