Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Footsie.....No a Pedicure

I decided to give my mom a pedicure which was much needed. Let me just say honey's feet were dry I couldn't let my mom walk around like that. I used some products from Avon but only two are pictured.
First I prepared the foot spa with semi hot water and added a berry foot soak, as you can see from above I used way too much.

I let my mom's feet soak for a while then applied a scrub and massaged her feet. After that I rinsed off the scrub and applied a foot mask that stayed on until it dried as seen below.

Then rinsed off her feet and applied a cherry moisturizer and painted her toes.
After I noticed her feet were moist and smooth, very soft.
She said her feet feels nice and they were sore but no longer are.

I think all people should get pedicures at least once a week. We use our feet every single day and we should take the time out and pay attention to our feet.
                        XoXo, t.Marie

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